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Trox Shots/Macro to Wide

New York/Colorado Photographer Mike Troxler at Dedrick's Farm Market

A photo shoot for our friends at Dedrick’s Farm Market is a curious thing. Any given shoot can be a rich blend of product, lifestyle, architectural and food photography. This Saturday morning’s shoot combined a bit of everything because it was Chicken BBQ Saturday at Dedrick’s. The time of year combined with Dedrick’s quickly growing reputation in the region meant that the parking area was jam packed with people picking up chicken AND buying vegetable and flowering plants from the green house.

The mission today was to acquire new images of The Pantry store front and the action at the Chicken BBQ for the website. I’m happy to say that the sun flirted with us just enough that, with a bit of patience I got some great images! I took two lenses, my Canon 70-200 f/2.8 and my Tamron 24-75 f/2.8. The Canon was perfect for getting customer and staff shots without being intrusive. I switched to the Tamron for architecture shots and up close detailed shots of flowers in the green house.

Shot by New York Colorado photographer Mike Troxler

Once I got the shots I needed I was free to roam around and experiment with using an extension tube to get some macro shots and was really happy when this bee decided that a butterfly bush was the place to be!

How does a hollow tube turn your ordinary lens into a magnifying lens? There’s a link at the bottom of this post that explains it all for you!

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