The Dark Horse and the Light

Michael Troxler equine photography Brevian Winsome
Black Arabian Stallion Forever Wanted BF

Each equine photo shoot presents it's own unique challenges. and capturing great detail on a black horse can be especially tricky. Without the right lighting conditions, a black horse, especially a "true black" can become nothing more than a featureless silhouette! This is where the artistic technique of bending light around a form comes into play in a big way! For this particular session, we had enough sunlight to try for some fun details on the head shots of this Arabian, Jet. While for the majority of the shots, this reflector was much further back, Jet's curiosity about the reflector gave me couple of great pictures to demonstrate how the right bounced light can dramatically change the image!

The two examples below show how reflected light can be "bounced" specifically to help create dimension!

Photographing horses outside is a much different assignment than an indoor horse show, but the best show photographers use this same principle of directed lighting to create dramatic show photos. However, instead of using a reflector to bounce

sunlight, the effect is created with strategically placed flashes.

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