Shooting the Product in it's Natural Habitat!

Bringing a client's product into your studio is probably the most logical way to arrange a product photo shoot however, it's not the only way! A great example is this shoot at Bay Horse Innovations of New York in Groton. The majority of Gene's work is building custom truck bodies for contractors—most of them for farriers and vets all across North America. But in addition to the actual bodies, Gene and his team design and build the many components that go these rigs. We wanted to get some shots of some of these individual components because they don't always get any lime-light once the rig is all assembled, and you can see why Bay Horse rigs have such a great reputation when you look at the attention to detail shown in these photos of just a few of the pieces they make.

Because this shop specializes in custom aluminum fabrication, there was no shortage of shiny metal objects to focus on. First up, several sizes of drawers made for the rigs. The one shown here is the double drill press drawer.

Another great example of a smaller size drawer unit, the single drill press drawer.

For this forge swing out, I made sure to shoot it from multiple angles and with it folded up and extended. It's designed to accept any farrier forge on the market.

Ten inch- Three Row Farrier Tool Holder- Bay Horse Innovations of New York. A piece like this is pretty much a piece of metal art!

While I will also be photographing these components in the studio utilizing a soft box, I really like the way the photos from this shoot turned out. The industrial look of the work tables and some of the raw materials showing up in the background actually adds to the narrative being told. That all of this work is being done by the team of craftsmen at the Bay Horse Innovations New York!

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